REIV Director Elections 2020 - Nominations Received

Date: 29 Jul 20

Nominations closed at 5pm on 22 July 2020 with seven valid nominations having been received from the following Members (presented in alphabetical order):
Jacob Caine
Leah Calnan
Adam Docking
Frank Hellier
Andrew Meehan
Sadhana Smiles
Courtney Thursfield
As there are four vacancies, there will be an election and those Financial Licensed and Representative Members in the Metropolitan Zone only will be eligible to vote.
As indicated in the Information Statement that accompanied the call for nominations, elections will be held electronically using the same specialist supplier as previously. Voting will be through the REIV election site only, accessible by mobile phone, computer and tablet, and will open at 0900 on 11 August and close at 1700 on 24 August.
Further details about voting arrangements will be sent to Members in the Metropolitan Zone nearer vote opening time.