Competition Details

In this highly competitive industry, the REIV auction competitions give you an opportunity to stand out, learn from peers and establish your auctioneering skills at the highest level

The competitions


The REIV hosts two major competitions each year:

  • The REIV Novice Auctioneering Competition

    For new Auctioneers who have called a maximum of 20 public auctions AND have been a public auctioneer for less than 12 months.

  • The REIV Senior Auctioneering Competition

    For auctioneers who are ready to take their auctioneering profile to the next level.
    The winner and runner-up of the Senior Auctioneering Competition progress to the Australasian competition, representing Victoria at that level.

COVID-19 Update:

The REIV is committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in the competitions. The 2020 Auction Competitions will still take place, albeit later in the year. Competitions will be held in-line with government health and safety advice with the REIV taking all the necessary measures as appropriate at the time. Details on both competitions can be found below for your reference:

  • The 2020 REIV Senior Auctioneering Competition will consist of one (1) round of competition only on the new date of Tuesday 13 October.
  • The 2020 REIV Novice Auctioneering Competition will consist of two (2) rounds of competition on the new dates of Tuesday 22 September (Heats) and Tuesday 29 September (Final).
  • No spectators will be permitted at the venue but both competitions will be streamed live through Anywhere Auctions.
  • The 2020 Australasian Auctioneering Championships have been cancelled due to restrictions on interstate and international travel.


Purpose of the competitions


The REIV competition brings together auctioneers from across Victoria, eager to learn, improve and grow. The competitions play a significant role in the development of Victoria’s leading auctioneers.

Some of the most respected names in auctioneering have competed in the REIV competitions and used that as a learning exercise to grow their careers. See the list of past winners

"Be prepared to be coached and experience an emotional roller coaster ride which will sometimes disappoint but more often exhilarate. It is a personal achievement, not a team event. You don’t need to win in order to achieve a great personal development outcome." - Barry Plant, 2002 REIV Senior Auctioneering Competition Winner & REIV Master Auctioneer.

It is the best form of training you can experience. It gives you an incredible learning opportunity by soaking up knowledge like a sponge from all of the other competitors" - Peter Batrouney, 1995 Australasian Auctioneering Championship Winner & REIV Master Auctioneer.



Who can compete?


REIV Auction competitions are open to REIV members only.  

Residential, commercial and industrial auctioneers are welcome to enter.

Competitors may enter the Novice or Senior competition based on their auctioneering experience


What are the benefits of competing?


Some of the past winners and leaders of the industry share their experience:

“I entered the REIV competition striving to become a leading auctioneer and to challenge myself. It was an opportunity to meet other great auctioneers and learn the art of auctioneering from some real professionals. It is also very good for profile.” -Barry Plant, 2002 REIV Senior Auctioneering Competition Winner & REIV Master Auctioneer.

"Unquestionably a great advantage in the industry, for your personal and agency profile.It gave my company a marketing edge over our competitors. My sales team could now offer clients a distinct advantage over others; ‘Australasia’s No 1 Auction Champion’ to sell of their home. It has given me personal pride and credentials that very few have attained in the eyes of my clients.” - Peter Batrouney, 1995 Australasian Auctioneering Championship Winner & REIV Master Auctioneer. 

"A significant increase in profile of myself and Company greatly. It assisted business listings and turn over. Participating in the REIV competition improves your standing as a professional real estate agent and increases your learning curve by forcing to think out of the box. Great for company promotion." - Peter Hawkins, 1997 Australasian Auctioneering Championship Winner & REIV Master Auctioneer.  

The competition format

Both Novice and Senior competitions can have two or three stages, depending on the number of competitors in that year.

  • The competitions are pre-scripted to ensure consistency for each competitor;
  • Each competitor auctions the same property (provided by the REIV);
  • Only REIV appointed bidders are permitted to bid;
  • Each stage of the competition is judged by a panel of experienced auctioneers. The REIV may invite guest judges from time to time;
  • All entrants receive detailed competition guidelines to help them train and prepare for the competition. This can include competition specific briefing session/s.

 For further details on the Competition Conduct and Conditions please see the respective competition entry form.


Costs and commitments

The REIV does not charge any entry fee. However, entrants are encouraged to train and engage with past competitors to prepare for this prestigious event.

Key Dates for 2020


  Entries Close Competition Date (New)

Senior Auctioneering Competition

Friday, 3 July

Tuesday, 13 October


  Entries Close Heats Final

Novice Auctioneering Competition
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Friday, 28 August

22 September


29 September


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