About The Member Search

The REIV Member Search tool assists users in identifying and connecting with an REIV Member Agency and/or individual based on criteria the user defines. 

Our objective is to showcase the expertise and experience of all our Members, helping users make informed decisions.

Please note, this is not an agent rating system and no referral fees are charged to Members.

All current REIV Members are listed on the website. The site will present a shortlist of Members who best match the user’s requirements. 

Two search methods:

1. Search for a service provider in the local area, residential or commercial

Whether you are buying, selling or looking for real estate services like Owners Corporation Management, this tool will help you find REIV Members that service your local area.

  • Enter the suburb and the type of services you require. Agency or agent name is optional and could be used where the user wishes to validate the REIV Membership of a real estate professional. 

  • The tool will return a list of member agencies and agents located within a 10km radius of the suburb.

  • This list can be sorted by Member name or Suburb. The default sort order is distance from the suburb selected by the user.

  • The list of Members can be further refined by geographic area, name and services offered. 

Members please note, you can update the services you provide by accessing your Member profile. Directors, OIEC and Branch Managers can also update their agency services. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

2.  Search for a residential selling agent with the relevant experience

The REIV Member Search tool assists users in identifying and connecting with an REIV member agency and/or professional based on criteria the user defines. Criteria includes location of the property, number of bedrooms and the property type. 

Unlike other online agent search services, the REIV member search is an objective, data driven tool. The member search by sales experience is built on sales data reported to REIV or PropertyData

Results returned from this search will only include current REIV member agencies that meet the following criteria:

  • The agency sold* at least one property matching the search criteria for suburb, property type, and/or number of bedrooms

  • The sale outcome was reported to REIV/ PropertyData

  • The sale* was made in the last 12 months

  • The default sort order for the list of agencies returned will be the “most recent result”. This means that results for every search are likely to vary depending on the search criteria and the time of day and week the search is run 

  • Users may change the sort order depending on their requirements. Some sorting options include; volume of sales; clearance rate; number of auctions and more.  For example, a user looking for an agency that focuses on private sales may wish to sort the results by “percentage of auctions”. A user who prefers an agency with significant depth of experience in a particular property type may consider the ‘number of sales’ and the ‘percentage of office sales’ to shortlist the agencies they wish to engage.

Members please note, you do not need to be a PropertyData subscriber to report your results. Please contact us to ensure that your sales results are reported efficiently.
*Properties not sold at auction may also be included where the outcome has been reported by the agency.

Submitting enquiries

The REIV does not charge a referral fee for any enquiries generated from this website. 

Please note: The REIV relies upon data supplied by third parties and while the data is checked and reviewed, the REIV does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. Users accept the information on as “as is” basis. Please review the website terms of use for further information.