Chapters & Divisions

Make your REIV Membership work for you wherever you are and whatever your real estate interests.

On joining the REIV, Members are assigned to the Metropolitan or a Regional Division based on their office location and can join as many Chapters that are of interest to them.  Members’ Division and Chapter affiliations are used by the REIV to support targeted communication on such matters as events, training and development and policy.  Chapter and Division Committees provide focal points for REIV engagement with Members to ensure that REIV services and policy priorities meet the needs of Members wherever they are located and whatever their particular interests.
REIV Chapters are real estate special interest groups providing Members with opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals and enabling the REIV to engage with Members on matters of particular relevance to them.

  • Chapter Committees are made up of Members with active interest and involvement in that area of special interest. Other members can be appointed to the Committees at the discretion of the REIV Board.

REIV Divisions provide a geographic focus for the achievement of the REIV’s objects as set out in the Constitution and the Mission and Strategic objectives determined by the Board.

  • Division Committees are elected by the members of their Division every two years. They represent their Divisional Members’ interests to the REIV and work with the REIV to organise events of interest to Division members.

REIV Chapters

Auction Business Brokers
Buyers Agents Commercial and Industrial
Owners Corporation Property Management
New Members Sales

REIV Divisions

There are 10 Divisions of which all but the Metropolitan Division, can be served by a Division Committee. The Metropolitan Division covers the Melbourne CBD, inner and outer Melbourne Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula and is served by the REIV.

Mallee Wimmera
South West Barwon
Central Highlands Bendigo
Ovens Murray Gippsland
Goulburn Murray Metropolitan