Membership Branding

REIV Post-Nominals

Provide client assurance that you are an approved REIV member by using post nominals to show your membership and qualifications.


CEA (REIV) is used for Certified Estate Agent member of the Real Estate of Victoria. 


CAR (REIV) is used for Certified Agents Representative of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.  

Proud Member Logo

REIV Office members can apply to use the official 'Proud Member of the REIV' logo to promote their membership. Please note that this logo cannot be used for individual purposes.  

Where the REIV member logo can be used

The REIV member logo is limited to estate agency/ office advertising only. It can used on For Sale/Lease boards, company website, marketing collateral, company stationery and press advertisements.

Where REIV member logo cannot be used

The REIV member logo cannot be used to represent an individual employee. It cannot be used for individual email signatures, business cards, stationery or collateral representing an individual employee. 

Variations of the logo

There is a variety of logo designs available so that Office Members can choose the best match for their own brand guidelines.

Apply to use the logo

To apply for use of the REIV Member Logo, simply download the REIV Logo Licence Agreement and return it to membership services via email at [email protected]. Upon approval, you will receive the member logo via email.

If you have any questions about use of the REIV member logo please call the REIV Member Services on 9205 6652.



Sample Member Logo


Please complete the logo licence agreement form above to use the Member logo. You will be emailed the Member logo in various formats, including high resolution versions. The logo below is for demonstrative purposes
only and is not to be used without completing the licence agreement form.  


REIA Accreditation

REIV encourages eligible members to consider the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) accreditations of Associate (AREI) and Fellow (FREI) of the REIA.
AREIs and FREIs are a recognition of talent and dedicated service to the industry, providing recipients the right to use the post-nominals AREI or FREI after their name provided they remain members of the REIV, or have specifically applied to retain the post nominals.
In over 30 years since their inception, REIA has presented only about 3500 AREIs and 3000 FREIs, maintaining the exclusive and prized nature of the accreditation.
To obtain an AREI or FREI applicants must be current members of the REIV for the past 5 or 7 years respectively and undergo an interview to satisfy a number of by-laws listed in the application form.
Application forms can be downloaded below. An application fee of $100 + GST for AREIs and $130 + GST for FREIs applies.

To download a copy of the AREI application form, click here.
To download a copy of the AREI By-Laws, click here.
To download a copy of the FREI application form, click here.
To download a copy of the FREI By-Laws, click here.

Please contact the REIV Membership team on [email protected] for any further information.