Government launches campaign on rental minimum standards

Date: 12 Apr 24

The Minister for Consumer Affairs and Director of Consumer Affairs today announced a statewide campaign that will remind rental providers, agents, and renters of their rights and obligations within a rental agreement, including minimum standards for rental properties.

Resources from the campaign are anticipated to assist agents communicate with renters and rental providers whilst ensuring that rental properties are compliant with state legislation. Communication and access for members to the right information is key in protecting member interests.

The REIV will continue to advocate to the Victorian Government and relevant government agencies to create better awareness and understanding for renters and rental providers of their obligations whilst supporting the best educational outcomes for its membership and the sector.
The Government press release on the campaign can be found here.
The Consumer Affairs Victoria page on minimum rental standards can be found here.
REIV members can access the minimum standards checklist as prescribed in the Residential Tenancies Act here.
REIV members can access the rental disclosure form here.