The REIV offers flexibility in the structure of training delivery. This allows students to commence their training as soon as the next available class.

When enrolling in a qualification, we will need to document your training plan. Your training plan includes the delivery of training and completion of assessment tasks.

Choose your training plan:

Join a course offer and complete training delivery as per the described training plan. 

Make your own training plan from clusters within different course offers.

This will enable you to have greater control over the overall duration of your training. As an example, if you are enrolling in the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) you may choose to select a Property Management Cluster from one course offer, and choose Property sales from another course offer. Each of our qualifications has its own unique clusters. 

You can discuss further customisation of your training plan with our student liaison officers, who can discuss with you a training plan that is made up of the required units of competency that may be within multiple clusters or course offers.

Once your training plan is set, you will need to further document any variations of your training plan. Our student liaison offers will be able to confirm that the variation is within the terms of your enrolment and the packaging rules of the qualification.

We wish you well in your progress towards your qualification. 

Key Terms:

Course offer – A series of classes that complete the delivery of the training required for a qualification.

Cluster - You will see that units of competency have been grouped into clusters based on content. This allows students to focus on a particular component of practice at a time. For example: Property Management, Property Sales etc.

Unit of Competency – the individual units.

Classes – a unit of competency may be delivered in one or more classes.

*In the spirit and letter of the Equal Opportunity Act (2010) and related legislation, the REIV encourages learners with disabilities to apply and in particular to access government subsidised training