A Legislation Update for PMs - Bendigo



Do you feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the legislation relevant to property managers and landlords?

Working in the intricate landscape of ever-evolving property management legislation can be daunting amidst numerous reforms, and comprehensively understanding both legislation and VCAT is pivotal in the role of the Property Manager.

This insightful training session with Kasey Lawrence, Founder and Director, The Rental Network will simplify the complexities, offering a clear breakdown of the legislation and its practical application in everyday property management.

Leave with a clear and practical understanding of the legislation enabling you to be more effective and knowledgeable in your role as a property manager.

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Designed for:

This session is suitable for both experienced property managers seeking a refresher and junior property managers looking to build a solid foundation of knowledge.

Expected outcomes:

Attending this session will allow you to gain a clear and practical understanding of legislation & VCAT and its role in property management, including:

  • Legislation

    • Leasing, encompassing topics such as the rights and obligations of both landlords and tenants.

    • Minimum standards required in rental properties.

    • The importance of thorough condition reports and Bonds.

    • Regulations concerning modifications made by renters.

    • Safety checks mandated by law.

    • Insights into maintenance and urgent repairs.

    • Rent arrears.

    • Utilities.

  • VCAT

    • The intricacies of serving notices of entry, ensuring landlords understand the proper procedures for accessing rental properties while respecting tenants' rights to privacy.

    • Serving notices to vacate, outlining the legal requirements involved in terminating a tenancy agreement.

    • Notices of rent increase.


Kasey Lawrence

Founder and Director, The Rental Network

With an unwavering passion for empowering agencies to excel in property management, Kasey has dedicated nearly two decades to honing her skills in the real estate industry.

Throughout her career, Kasey has earned a stellar reputation for providing mentorship and training to property managers, cultivating their talents and fostering success. Today, as the driving force behind The Rental Network, she extends her expertise nationwide. Through a dynamic blend of workshops, courses, and consulting services, Kasey is on a mission to help rental departments thrive, and mentor and train property managers by sharing invaluable knowledge to propel their careers forward and enhance the clients’ experience.

Kasey's ultimate goal is to equip you with the insights and skills needed for a fulfilling career in property management. She believes in the dynamic rewards of the profession and is committed to helping you focus on best practices, reducing stress, and minimising conflicts. By doing so, you can dedicate your energy to delivering exceptional customer service, ultimately leading to increased career satisfaction.




$66.00 (inc. GST) 


$88.00 (inc. GST)




22 Apr 2024, 11:00 AM
The Lakeside Hotel,
286 Napier Street
Bendigo, Victoria
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