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With historical vacancy rates from October 2002, the REIV collects vacancy rates and rental data from Members and leases on a monthly basis.

Market Snapshot - October 2023

  • The proportion of vacant properties stayed at 2.4 per cent for metro Melbourne and it rose to 2.2 per cent for regional Victoria over the month.
  • The median weekly rent for houses in metropolitan Melbourne has remained at $550 for three consecutive months, while it went up to $460 for regional Victoria.
  Vacancy Rate Weekly Median Rent (Houses)
  October 2023 September 2023 October 2023 September 2023
METRO 2.4 2.4 $550 $550
REGIONAL 2.2 2.1 $460 $450


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The production of vacancy rates would not be possible without the help of REIV members and member agencies.


If you manage rental properties and if you are a member or part of a member agency, click here to contribute to our monthly vacancy rate data collection. In appreciation of your support, we will send you the results directly to your inbox once the data has been processed, before it is made available on this page.  


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