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We are changing the way people search for an agent!

Make sure you are part of the change

We are excited to introduce a new, data driven, objective, Member search web functionality. Consumers can now find an REIV Member with the experience and expertise that best matches their requirements. 

In order to appear in the Member Search, you must select at least one service for your personal and Agency profile. This is a pre-requisite for this search tool and must be updated.

The residential sales search is powered by sales data reported. Read more. 

You can update this information at any time by logging in with your membership details. 

Steps to follow: 

1. Ensure that all sales results are reported in a complete and timely manner. Relevant sales experience drives the search for a selling agent. You do not need to be a PropertyData subscriber to report your sales results. 

  1. 2. Update your Member Profile

  2. Your Individual Member Number and password are required to login. The information you need to update includes:

    • Review and confirm the services you provide as an individual, such as: Auctioneering, Business Broking, Buyers Agency, C&I Leasing and Management, C&I Sales, Owners Corporation Management, Property Valuations, Residential Leasing & Management, Residential Sales, Farming & Rural Lifestyle.
    • If you are the OIEC, Director or Branch Manager, you should also review and confirm your agency details. 
    • A high resolution professional portrait with dimensions 150x150 pixels, file type .jpeg or .png; image should be in the “safe space” identified below.
    • Information about yourself, a few words about your expertise and experience (max 500 characters).
    •  Your contact details: your email address and website

Instructions on updating your personal profile

Instructions on updating your agency profile

Leads and enquiries:

  • Enquiries generated by this search will be sent to the Member's email address on REIV records. The sender email address will be [email protected]
  • Please ensure that enquiries are responded to within 48 hours for a positive user experience
  • All enquirer details must be used only for the purpose of providing the services requested

Promote your membership:
Login to the REIV website to access the link to your personal and agency profile page. Use this link on your own website, email signature etc. to showcase your membership. 

Please refer to the website terms of use and conditions that apply to maintaining your membership profile.