Australia’s first technology-driven, subscription rental bond service, Bondable, has been launched to revolutionise the property industry and create a more affordable, transparent, and efficient rental system for tenants, agents, and landlords.

The REIV is supporting a trial of the product thorugh its partnership with Hutly. The REIV does not own or operate Bondable. 

Powered by Australian-based fintech, Hutly, Bondable is a standalone, innovative solution providing a new way to bond. For only $19.99 per month, the subscription service means a tenant no longer lodges a cash bond, providing a seamless, digitally enabled dispute mediation service with a complimentary bond guarantee, benefitting the tenant, property manager, and landlord.

Bondable was designed to reward tenants with a good credit and rental history, whilst solving real problems in the offboarding process for both landlords and property managers. 

Jacob Caine, President of the REIV, said: “The REIV is supportive of positive innovation in the industry and believes Bondable can play an important role in solving the affordability crisis in Victoria and bringing portability to tenant bonds. Data from the last 18 months of Beta tests with tenants and agents indicates this product is a positive step forward for all.


“We welcome Bondable’s entry into the real estate market and will continue to help educate the industry about the value Bondable represents as one of several options available for Rental Providers and Renters.”

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