Property Valuations


Objecting to a council valuation

If you manage a property for a landlord and you are requested to object to a council valuation of the property, here is an outline of the action you need to take:
  1. 1. Are you authorised to object?
   Before you do anything, check your managing authority –
   a) does it specifically authorise you to deal with rate objections; and
   b) does it set out your terms for doing so? and
  1.    c) if you will charge for this service, other than via your commission on rent collected, is your fee specifically       
  2.       included?
If not, you need to discuss the terms on which you will undertake the work and amend your authority to include what is agreed and have your landlord sign-off it.
  1. 2. Objecting
  1.     a) Obtain the property’s rate notice;
  2.     b) Find out the date the rate notice was received. Objections need to be lodged within 2 months of that date;
  3.     c) Obtain an objection notice from the council or, if the council doesn’t have one, download the generic objection 
  4.         notice from the property and land titles website;
  5.     d) Read the notice to ascertain the information to be provided and any other material you may need to provide
  6.         with the objection;
  7.     e) Complete, date and sign the notice;
  8.     f) Lodge the notice and any other necessary material with the council; then
  9.     g) Consider prescribed information provided by the valuer who is dealing with the objection and, if required, make
  10.         written submissions concerning the valuation, within 1 month of receiving the prescribed information; and
  11.     h) Conduct discussions with the valuer who is considering the objection;
  12.     i) Receive the valuer’s decision and pass it on to the landlord;
  13.     j) Receive the valuer-general’s notice of decision and pass it on to the landlord.
If an objection is to be taken any further, this should be done by a valuer employed by the landlord with, or without, other professional assistance.