Statement of Information Compliance Update

Date: 24 Jul 19

The REIV continues to consult and engage with Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) on the underquoting reforms to ensure our Members are kept up-to-date with the latest information.

CAV has advised that the use of the prescribed, Director approved SOI Form will be strictly enforced to ensure that the approved SOI page remains unaltered. There is evidence that some agents may not be using SOIs that comply with this requirement.

If you use an SOI Form that does not strictly reproduce the Director’s approved SOI Form (see below) then you are in breach of the Director’s Guidelines and exposing yourself to enforcement action.

The REIV confirms the SOI Forms made available through PropertyData currently comply. We urge you to only use the prescribed SOI forms as provided below.

CAV website  


Further, we have been advised that CAV will be updating the SOI Form and related documents in coming weeks. We will keep you updated on this issue.