State Election

Date: 28 Nov 18

I have written to the Premier, the Hon. Daniel Andrews on behalf of the REIV, congratulating him and his government on their resounding victory in the Victorian state election.

Media analysis throughout the last few days has suggested that Daniel Andrews’ positive campaign, promises that focussed on the future, underpinned by an articulated vision, strong economy and clear plans around infrastructure, public services and social policy reform contributed to the sweeping victory.

The Premier has a clear mandate to implement his ambitious agenda. In the Parliament, the Andrews’ Government has a powerful majority in the lower house and is likely to hold sway in the upper house as well (requiring only one member of the cross bench to vote with the Government).  This means he will be able to move his political, social and economic agenda forward without significant hindrance; a rarity in governments state and federal over the past decade.

The REIV has publicly supported the current and proposed infrastructure projects that will transform Victoria.  The Government’s ambitious agenda is estimated to cost around $60 billion aimed at setting Melbourne up as Australia’s biggest city with a population intake of around three million in the next two decades.

The Government will be hoping that the economic conditions remain buoyant and that the property industry continues to contribute to the Government’s revenue base.

Key platforms for the second term relevant to our industry are:
•    Immediate start to the $16 billion North-East Link 
•    Melbourne Metro Rail Link continuation
•    $6 billion extension of the level crossing program
•    Planning for $10 billion Melbourne Airport Rail Link
•    Roll out of one million subsidised solar panels (further information on this will be forthcoming including rebates for property owners for rental properties)

It is important to note that the REIV took a bipartisan approach to the election and supported and rejected policies, not politics.

Over coming weeks we will meet with new ministers, engage with relevant departments and continue to advocate in the interests of our members.

Gil King