Important update regarding VicForms

Date: 15 May 19

As part of REIV’s commitment to significantly improve our online forms and authorities, we have been transitioning VicForms to an enhanced, iPad friendly interface. The improved technology allows us to introduce new features like integrated digital signatures. Six more forms will have this facility within the next few weeks.

The forms to be transitioned to the new site were prioritised based on Member demand. We are now at the final stages of this transition and will decommission the old site from 30th June 2019. The forms and authorities currently on the old site (listed below) will now be available to Members free of charge from the REIV website. 

Please note:

  • Commencing 1st June 2019, the forms listed below will be available from the REIV website for Members at no charge.
  • Any active or saved forms on the old site must be completed and downloaded before 30th June 2019.
  • All other online forms will be available for purchase from the new enhanced VicForms portal using the same username and password.

For any further enquiries, please contact us on [email protected] or 03 9205 6647.


Forms impacted:


Form name

Form code

Business Broking
Exclusive Business Sale Authority WF009
General Business & Property Sale Authority WF008
Buyers Agents
Exclusive Purchase Authority WF006A
General Purchase Authority WF006
Commercial Leasing
Disclosure Statement (Schedule 1) WF136A
Disclosure Statement (Schedule 3) WF136C
Disclosure Statement (Schedule 2) WF136B
Disclosure Statement (Schedule 4) WF136D
Renewal Reminder Notice WF145A
Offer of New Commercial Lease WF145B
Non-Renewal Commercial Lease Notice WF145C
Typical Leasing/Property Management Services (no cost) WF005T
Assignment of Commercial Lease WF151
Residential Property Management
Tenancy Checklist/Tenancy Application WF132
Property Management Landlord Checklist WF017
Appointment of Owners Corporation Manager WF148
Service Provider Agreement WF0025
Prop Management trades/contractor agreement WF149
Residential Sales
Request Estimate of Selling Price WF0011
Conjunctional Agents Agreement WF015
Vendor Checklist WF013
Auction Bidding Form WF003A
Estimate of Selling Price WF0010
General Service Authority WF012
Expression of Interest Form WF147
Rural Sales
Rural Vendor Checklist WF014