Residential Sales – Buyer

I want to buy a property and the agent has said there are other offers. How can I be sure this is true? Can I find out the amount of the offers?
The property was passed in at auction. The reserve price was a lot higher than the price range advertised. Isn’t this illegal?
A property sold at auction for a price much higher than the advertised range. Isn’t this illegal?
The agent told me I will have to pay well in excess of the advertised price to buy a property they have for sale. So why are they still advertising it at that price?
The agent told me my offer for a property had been accepted. The agent now says it has been sold to someone else. How can this happen?

Residential Sales – Seller

I have just signed an authority for an agent to sell my property. Do I have cooling off rights?
Can I cancel the authority I gave to my agent to sell my property?
My property hasn’t sold. My agent has sent a bill for advertising expenses. Must I pay?
My agent keeps on coming to me with offers for my property which are less than I’m prepared to consider. What can I do?

Residential Rental - Owner

My tenant doesn’t pay rent on time under her residential tenancy agreement. How can my agent get her to do so?
My rental property is let under fixed term lease. Can I get my tenant out so I can move in or sell?
I am unhappy with the agent managing my residential rental property. Can I go to another agent?
My residential rental property is let under a periodic tenancy. Can I get my tenant out so I can move in or sell?

Residential Rental - Tenant

I have asked for repairs to be done to the house I rent. Nothing’s happened. What can I do?
I signed a lease to rent a house along with some other people. It’s not working out. I want to leave. How can I get my name off the lease?
If I leave before my fixed term residential lease ends, what happens?
The agent wants to take money from my bond. I think they shouldn’t. What can I do?


I bought a tenanted retail property as an investment. My tenant is now leaving and has asked for the security deposit. My agent, who is not the original manager, cannot locate it. What happens now?
My tenant is often late paying rent under my commercial lease. What can I do?
I sold my business. I’m now being charged a large amount by the agent for the assignment of my lease to the buyer. Can the agent do this?
The agent says I have to pay for repairs to the premises I lease. Is this correct?
I am a tenant of a commercial property. Do I have to pay building insurance?
When the agent collects payment for things like rates they add GST. Can they do this?