REIV Authorities Updated

The REIV is pleased to advise that the Victorian Parliament passed the amendments to the Estate Agents Act 1980 regarding Rebate Statements on 19th September 2018. It means that rebate statements used in the past, will be valid retrospectively.

Protecting the interests of our members is our highest priority. We worked hard to lobby Parliamentarians to ensure the legislation was passed before the election.

The amendments to the Estate Agents Act 1980 only apply retrospectively. In other words, members using non-conforming authorities in the future will not be protected by this legislation. Members must use the updated versions of the Authorities to protect their interests. 


Updated  Authorities are available online, no futher action required. Access Vicforms here. 
If you require assistance, please email [email protected] or refer to the quick guide

Printed Authorities

Updated Authorities have been available for purchase since August 2018. Please contact us on 03 9205 6666 or [email protected].

Please ensure that you are using the current verison number, as listed below. 
Updated Authorities

Code Authority Name Version Number
(Only applicable for printed pads)
001 General Sale Authority 27072018
002 Exclusive Sale Authority 27072018
003 Exclusive Auction Authority 27072018
004 General Leasing & Management Authority NA (Vicforms only)
005A Exclusive Leasing & Management Authority 27072018
005B Exclusive Commercial Leasing Authority NA (Vicforms only)
005C Exclusive Commercial Property Management Authority NA (Vicforms only)
006 General Purchase Authority NA (Vicforms only)
006A Exclusive Purchase Authority NA (Vicforms only)
007 Tender Sale Authority NA (Vicforms only)
008 General Business & Property Sale Authority NA (Vicforms only)
009 Exclusive Business Sale Authority 27072018
012 General Service Authority NA (Vicforms only)
015 Conjunctional Agents Agreement NA (Vicforms only)
Please contact us on 03 9205 6666 if you require further information.