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Ongoing professional development has always been a core purpose of the REIV. 

The REIV Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program provides a framework to ensure that Members continually invest time and effort into upskilling themselves and their teams.

To build and maintain the REIV Difference, it is important that Members demonstrate that they are a cut above the rest through their dedication to their ongoing development. The REIV CPD program covers a wide range of activities that all contribute to building a better skilled, more knowledgeable professional real estate sector. The program is designed to be simple, accessible, and flexible. 

Key aspects:

  • Activities that support professional development include those that: extend your real estate related skills, knowledge and understanding; support the operation of compliant and responsible real estate business and demonstrate your contribution to the overall development of the real estate sector.

    Relevant activities will be assigned an REIV CPD Point value. This may include some compulsory training each year.

    The REIV Board has set a minimum requirement of 12  CPD Points in each CPD year, 1 April – 31 March. Of the minimum 12 CPD point requirement, 4 CPD points may be accumulated through relevant activities undertaken outside the REIV. 

A well informed, skilled and responsible Membership  supports consumer confidence, improves public perception, demonstrates  the REIV Difference, and gives consumers even more reason always to Choose an REIV Member. 

Professional Development Activities and Point Allocation

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Who needs to comply: CPD requirements must be met by all REIV Licensed and Representative Members. Honorary Life Members, who are also Licensed Members, must also achieve the required CPD points.

CPD Year: 1 April - 31 March 
CPD Requirements: A minimum of 12 REIV CPD Points* must be achieved in a CPD year. At least 8 of these points must be from REIV activities and initiatives. The REIV Ethics Module (2 points) must be completed each year. The Member is responsible for reporting any external professional development activity to be reflected in their CPD record. The REIV will determine the CPD point allocation for any such external activity.

* New Members who join between 1 January – 31 March are exempted from CPD requirements for that CPD year, i.e. a new Member joining in February 2021, will be required to meet CPD requirements from the CPD year commencing 1 April 2021. New Members joining between 1 April – 31 December will be required to achieve the prorated CPD points for that CPD year i.e. Member joining in October 2020 will be required to achieve 6 REIV CPD points by 31 March 2021.

Compliance with CPD requirements will be considered for Members applying for any REIV Board, Chapter and Division Committee roles.

Professional development activities undertaken outside the REIV:  Please submit evidence of the completed activity. Allocation of points will be at the discretion of the REIV. No fees apply. Examples include formal training such as a business qualification training, and events provided by AICD, API, AVI, RICS, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and training/event/competitions by or through your employer/franchise group. External event/training providers may apply to REIV to have their event or training pre-approved for REIV CPD points recognition.  The REIV will determine the CPD points that may be awarded and any applicable fee to evaluate the event or training. The allocation of points will be at REIV’s sole discretion.

Recording CPD Points: Points allocated to REIV events and training will be automatically allocated to the Individual Member. All other initiatives must be reported by the Member in order to be reflected in their REIV CPD record. 

Managing shortfall: If a Member fails to accumulate the requisite number of CPD points in the CPD year, they will be required to make up the shortfall in the following CPD year (in addition to the 12 CPD points of the new CPD year). Should the Member not achieve the required number of points in the second year, the Scheme provides that this could result in action by the Board.

REIV Ethics Module

This course has been developed as a key component of the REIV CPD program.

This critical real estate subject was chosen as a compulsory element of the CPD program based on its level of importance to the industry and the broader community.

Note : If you have not scored a 100%, you need to take the quiz again.

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PropEL is the REIV's e-learning platform providing specialised real estate professional development resources.

A simple, self-paced method to always stay up to date with best practice standards.

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