Trust Accounting Refresher

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Ideal for directors, branch managers, and Officers in Effective Control, the course covers agency trust account requirements, producing financial reports and identification of discrepancies. Attendees will also learn how to manage and control trust accounts in accordance with best practice procedures and legislation.


Designed For

Agent's Represtatives and Licensed Agents who want to refresh their trust accounting skills.


Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you should be able to :

  •  Identify and understand agency trust account requirements

  •  Adherence to policies and procedures for accurate trust accounting

  •  Evaluation of trust accounting systems to ensure accuracy and adherence

  •  Establish and maintain trust accounts and ensure all documentation is completed and retained as required by legislation and agency practice

  •  Identify discrepancies and report as required

  •  Manage and control trust accounts to ensure disbursements are authorised in accordance with agency protocols and legislation

  •  Develop and communicate trust accounting procedures to all relevant staff

  •  Monitor and review trust accounts in line with legislative and audit requirements

  •  Authorise and verify trust accounts by undertaking periodic reconciliations

  •  Produce and maintain financial reports