Challenging Situations in Property Management- Your Role & Responsibilities

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Formerly titled 'The Difficult D's of Residential Property Management', in this course you are bound to learn a lot from this experienced individual who has seen it all, and get all of your challenging questions answered.  

This course covers a range of situations and issues that residential property managers can face on a regular basis. This course will provide you with the necessary information and skills to assist in making appropriate decisions in challenging circumstances.


Designed For

Real Estate Agents working in Residential Property Management


Expected Outcomes

Topics for discussion include the following:

Death, Divorce and Door Keys


This course will cover the answers to questions like:

  • Who are you allowed to take instruction from?

  • Should you favour one tenant over another?

  • Are you allowed to change the locks? 

  • Could you be contributing to a dangerous situation if you don't get the locks changed?

Drugs, Domestic Violence and Dangerous Situations


Learn how to identify dangerous situations and minimise risk to yourself and others by taking the appropriate action.

Disputes, Declining Application, Databases and Difficult People

This course will cover the answers to questions like:
  • How much information should you record?
  • Who has access to the information that you record?
  • Who are you not allowed to share information with?


Dogs and Damage

Learn about how to deal with damage identified during routine inspections, tenant notifications and final inspections.       


Completion of the Agents Representative course