Australian Leadership Series- Module 2 To Module 6

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Series presented by Organisational Psychologist and Consultant, David Peake

Important! Module 1 must be registered in and completed prior to commencement of Modules 2 - 6.
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MODULE 2 - Personal Leadership: Learning to Lead

9:30am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 3rd May 2017 

  • Understanding my Personal Learning Style – Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic?

  • Managing the transition from Manager to Leader – What to do, What NOT to do?

  • How to be an exceptional Leader and the importance of Emotional Intelligence; Key insights from the Australian Leadership Archetype Study

  • Understanding my natural leadership style – What is my default/home base position?

  • Defining my leadership values and philosophy – What do I stand (up) for?

  • The power of Paradigms and overcoming limiting beliefs and negative ‘mindsets’

  • Self Assessment – Leadership Inventory – Strengths and Opportunities for Change

Action Planning – Putting it into Practice: Creating my Personal Leadership Development Plan
MODULE 3 - People Leadership: The Leader as Mentor and Coach
9:30am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 17th May 2017 

  • Keys to great communication – words, feelings and understanding body language

  • How to be an effective Mentor and Coach

  • The Coaching Model – ‘Coaching, Counselling, Educating and Confronting’ - CCEC

  • How to effectively set goals using the SMART approach

  • Giving and receiving feedback the Australian Way – What works and what doesn't?

  • How to hold the tough performance conversations and ‘crossing the line’

  • Performance Management– How to manage a ‘problem child’ in your team

  • Feedback practice sessions –skills for holding the performance conversations

  • Understanding Industrial Law; Fair Work Australia and wrongful dismissal

Action Planning – Putting it into Practice: Holding Difficult Conversations
MODULE 4 - Team Leadership: Creating a Successful Team Environment
9:30am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 31st May 2017  

  • How to create a high performance Real Estate team – The 7 Key Steps

  • How to identify, attract, nurture and retain great staff

  • How to reward, motivate and reward staff– what really works?

  • How to innovate for competitive edge

  • How to translate values and your philosophy into action

  • How to develop high levels of trust, innovation, cooperation and teamwork

  • How to support your team and ensure NO FAIL

  • Teamwork: Stranded in the Arctic - Team Simulation

  • Effective Group Processes, Conflict Management, and dynamics of Trust

  • How to manage staff in a downturned market

Action Planning – Putting it into Practice: Developing my Team Improvement Plan
MODULE 5 - Business Leadership: The Leader as Change Agent
9:30am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 14th June 2017 

  • Understanding My Environment – Identifying the pressures for change

  • Digital disruption: impact and implications for the Real Estate Business Model

  • Working ‘on the business’ and ‘in the business’: Balancing Strategy and Operational

  • The Power of Vision; Having a clear Purpose and Direction 

  • Strategy; The art of setting goals, objectives and KPI’s (measures)

  • Aligning Strategy, Architecture and Culture for high performance

  • Keys to effectively Managing Change; The Cardinal Rule

  • Understanding the Stages of Resistance: Denial, Anger, Exploration and Commitment

  • Strategies for managing resistance:

Action Planning – Putting it into Practice: Creating an Inspirational Vision (that doesn't set off the Aussie BS meters!)
MODULE 6 - Performance Leadership: The Leaders’ Role in Achieving Results
9:30am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 28th June 2017 

  • The importance of innovation for competitive edge

  • How to Identify new markets through “outside the box” thinking

  • Yellow pages exercise – exercise in lateral thinking

  • How to understand the numbers and business success ratios

  • Turning your business into a cash cow  - 7 steps to mega growth and profitability

  • Empowering teams: The art and science of staff delegation

  • Understanding business mechanics – A model for business success

Action Planning - Pulling it all together Creating a Blueprint for Change 

Module 1
Member- $495.00 or Non-Member- $595.00 
Module 2 to Module 6*
Member- $1505.00 or Non-Member- $1806.00  

*Please note that Modules 2-6 require completion of the proceeding modules and must be booked together

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