Agency and Risk / Residential Property Sales Documentation

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This dual PD session conducted by Jim Lourandos will appeal to all real estate professionals including directors and OIECs.

Stay up-to-date with current legislation and compliance obligations regarding residential property sales.

This course is recommended as an annual refresher for all Residential Sales Agents. It gives you the necessary information on relevant changes and updates to legislation that can impact the listing and selling process. The course also provides tips and insights to meet legal obligations without impacting your client experience

Managing and mitigating risk in real estate practice is integral to ensuring a safe work environment and protect from serious litigation.

This course will help you identify the risks so you can develop strategies to prevent and manage these. Though the issue of risk, including safety risks, cannot be removed from the workplace altogether, it is essential that all agency staff are aware of the inherent and complex risks that can arise in real estate practice and have strategies in place to limit them before incidences occur.

These sessions will incorporate the recent legislative changes to price representations and underquoting. Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) is currently undertaking a review of the underquoting supporting documentation, including the multiple Director-approved Statements of Information. 

Designed For

  • Sales Agents who want to stay up-to-date with legislative requirements
  • Agents keen to identify ways to improve documentation procedures and processes in their business
  • Real estate professionals returning to residential sales
  • Suitable for OIEC’s and directors


Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
  • Identify risks specific to a Real Estate Agency
  • Assess and assign levels of risk to core agency functions
  • Understand legislative requirements applicable to being safe
  • Implement strategies to control of limit risk for agency staff
  • Identify when litigation procedures can occur
  • Understand the regulations that apply to property sales and avoid the risk of getting it wrong
  • Research property pricing comparisons to adhere to CAV guidelines
  • Apply Conjunctional Authority undertakings and protect commissions
  • Use vendor checklists
  • Accurately complete a Sales Authority and Contract of Sale

Jim Lourandos will also be presenting a Price Quoting legislative, topics will include:
  • Economic Conditions
  • Landlord/property & tenant selection
  • Routine inspections/drugs on premises
  • Grievance procedures
  • Succession planning
  • Cyber risk protection