Advanced Auctioneering

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Refine your auctioneering skills and prepare for the next stage in your career.
This course will help you develop a deeper understanding of business risks, legislative requirements and new trends in auctioneering. Facilitated by leading Auctioneers, this course provides you with essential feedback, insights and strategies to enhance your personal auction style and achieve a high level of performance.

Designed For


  • Real estate professionals who have some experience in calling an auction and wish to further develop their auctioneering skills

  • Novice auctioneers who have completed “Introduction to Auctioneering”


Expected Outcomes


Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

  • Refine and update your skills under the new legislation

  • Develop strategies to deal with challenging auction conditions

  • Use auctions as an effective marketing tool

  • Identify the latest auction issues and trends

  • Identify and improve any weakness in auction performance