Study tips for Distance Education

  • Review the Elements and the Performance Criteria for this unit of Competency in the Learner Guide or using the resources online at;
  • Scan the Learner Guide from cover, giving particular attention to the organisation of the subject matter within the Table of Contents;
  • List and learn any unfamiliar terminology in the Glossary of the Learner Guide;
  • Review the required assessment, focussing on, or highlighting, the major topics assessed;
  • Then read the Learner Guide in its entirety; 
  • Refer again to the assessment and identify the key areas of questioning and refer back to your Learner Guide to clarify your understanding;
  • Attempt your assessment. Please note that you are able to refer back to your resource material or other learning resources during this process;
  • If assistance is required at this point, you may email a trainer indicated as supporting the unit in question.  This list is located on the back of your assessment cover sheet;
  • When you are confident that you have sufficiently addressed the assessment tasks, send in your assessments to the REIV in Camberwell.  Please note that you MUST keep a copy in an instance of your assignment being lost en route. 
  • You may follow the progress of your assessment on the WiseNET Learner portal, details for which are dispatched to the student upon enrolment.

WA = With Assessor.  Your work is currently be evaluated with one of the REIV accredited assessors.
C = Competent. You have successfully completed this unit.
NYC = Not Yet Competent.  Your assignment will be returned to you with comments and requirements for resubmission to sufficiently demonstrate the unit’s performance criteria.