Student Support Information

Student Support Information for Agent’s Representative Course

Support needs of students are wide and varied and can include

  • literacy & numeracy assistance,

  • medical conditions that may impact student’s learning

  • a physical disability

  • additional learning needs.

In order for an appropriate support strategy to be put in place before commencing, a survey is sent to students to self-identify any learning support needs or individual background information that may impact learning.

While REIV is not able to provide special equipment or notetakers, provision can be made for support services provided by the student in consultation with the Training Manager.

Staff and trainers seek to identify learners requiring additional personal support during the training journey.  The level of intervention will depend upon the nature and level of support required. This can include:

  • Additional time to complete assessment tasks

  • Provision of additional resources

  • Alternative text, workbooks and / or assessments developed in consultation with a trainer & assessor in accordance with the assessment procedure.

  • Individual consultation with a designated support trainer

Every Monday and Tuesday a trainer is in residence to provide additional support if students require. The trainer is available 9.30am-4.30pm and students are invited to attend when they require. During these sessions trainers and assessors assist students with assessments and may conduct tutorials on challenging topics. Part-time (evening) or guided distance learning students can attend these sessions and are also offered other support options such as phone support.

REIV also provides a dedicated email inbox, [email protected] monitored by trainers, please allow 48 hours for a response.