Lithium-ion Battery Safety



Property managers and owners corporation managers - are you aware of the potential risks associated with Lithium-ion batteries in your properties?

Many portable devices such as laptop computers, mobile phones, children’s toys, e-scooters and e-cigarettes may contain rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. They are light-weight, energy dense and long-lasting but can be more volatile than traditional batteries. Most modern devices with rechargeable batteries contain Lithium-ion batteries. The incorrect use of a Lithium-ion battery can potentially cause overheating, fire or explosion.

Andrew O’Connell AFSM, Commander – Community Education at Fire Rescue Victoria, will delve into the critical aspects of Lithium-ion battery safety such as understanding potential hazards and how to keep yourself safe when using them.

Register for this webinar to ensure you are well-prepared to address any Lithium-ion battery safety concerns that may arise.

Designed for:

This webinar is tailored for Property Managers and Owners Corporation Managers looking to further understand Lithium-ion battery safety. This session is FREE for Members and Non-Members, so we encourage you to share this webinar with your clients.

Expected outcomes:

Attending this webinar will allow you to:

  • Gain an understanding of what Lithium-ion batteries are and how they differ from standard batteries.

  • Learn about what devices they are used in.

  • Understand thermal runaway and its causes including,

    • overcharging, mechanical damage, and overheating.

  • Identify the hazards that these batteries post to people in dwellings, supported by a series of video clips that show the various-sized Lithium batteries in thermal runaway.

  • Discover effective measures to keep yourself safe when using devices powered by these batteries.

Participate in an interactive Q&A session to address your specific concerns and questions.



Andrew O’Connell AFSM
Commander – Community Education, Fire Rescue Victoria

Commander Andrew O’Connell has been an operational firefighter for over 35 years and is a respected and accomplished operational leader, dedicated to developing strong working relationships with partner Emergency Service organizations.  Andrew is an endorsed Level 3 Incident Controller and Intelligence Officer with extensive experience in diverse and complex multi-agency emergency events including:


  • 2024 - Thunderstorms which affected South East Melbourne

  • 2021 - Cyclogenisis storms which affected Mt Dandenong

  • 2019/20 - Black Summer Bushfires (including the Naval evacuation of 1200 people from Mallacoota)

  • 2020 COVID Pandemic.








17 Jul 2024, 12:00 PM
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